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DRAFT Opportunity Nepal Summit Schedule:

Thursday April 6th 6pm-9pm
- Welcome Reception with local cuisine and music and dance performances by Nepali youth groups

Friday April 7th 9am-5:30pm
- Main morning of 7SS/ 1PIE pilot demonstrations, inspiration and context setting
- hosted lunch
- 3 tracks/ breakout sessions:

1. Rural agriculture value development and supply chain, gaps and opportunities;

2. Investing... see more in women & their influence, with an eye on process and roles in decision making--possible blind spots in design;

3. Data for Transparency, how to collect and share, from 'community to cloud' to support optimal collaboration?

Sessions report back to plenary / recorded - Closing session

weekend break for participants / EW team preps CAT

Monday April 10 - Friday 14th
- CAT intensive for 20-30 trainees/ community leaders

Input will directly inform both CAT training and 7SS/1PIE design, a central outcome of event.

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